About us

We have the finest local, trustworthy and qualified tradespeople, from a dripping tap to a home extension, we have the right tradesman for you. All our Tradespeople have been specially selected for their area of expertise; they have been thoroughly assessed, checked, reviewed and verified before being displayed on our website.

If they don’t make the grade they won’t be accepted by Local Approved Trades!

Accreditation’s and Qualifications

Any accreditation’s, qualifications or membership to professional bodies advertised on one of our trades profiles has been personally checked and verified

Public Liability Insurance

Before they are displayed on our website we ask all new members to submit a valid in date copy of their Public Liability Insurance policy, this is for your peace of mind and ensures you and your property are fully covered for any eventualities. We retain a copy of this document on file and require up to date copies of their Public Liability Insurance each year upon renewal.


We request that all new members supply a selection of their previous customers which we personally review and verify. All members are continually monitored and memberships reviewed via their customer’s feedback, after all a tradesperson is only as good as his or her last review.

Trading History

Every tradespersons trading history is always thoroughly reviewed, checked and verified.

ID checked

Each new member must provide us with a valid and in date photo identification. They also provide a credible form of documentation.

Code of Conduct

To show their level of commitment to quality and service in the work they complete, each and every member has agreed abide by the Local Approved Trades Code of Conduct

Media, Logo and links to us

Please see our Media, Links and Logos page for more details on how to link to us.